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Match: [Copa Libertadores] Velez Sarsfield VS Barcelona SC

Match: [Copa Libertadores] Velez Sarsfield VS Barcelona SC

Race time : Wednesday 14 July 2021 05:15

Open rate: 0.5 per field SARS Velez
El Estadio Jose R. Mallory a look here.

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never met

Overall results of the host
LIB Cup 28/05/21 Flamengo 0-0 Velez Sarsfield
LIB Cup 20/05/21 Velez Sarsfield 2-1 Union La Calera
ARG D1 16/05/21 Velez Sarsfield 0-0 Racing Club
LIB Cup 14/05/21 Velez Sarsfield 3-1
LDU Quito ARG D1 09/05/21 Gimnasia La Plata 0-5 Velez Sarsfield
LIB Cup 05/05/21 Union La Calera 0-2 Velez Sarsfield
ARG D1 01/05/21 Velez Sarsfield 1-0 Pa Castro NATO
LIB Cup 28/04/21 LD United Cwiot 3-1 Velez SARS field
aRG D1 25/04/21 Lanus 1-2 Velez SARS field
LIB Cup 21/04/21 Bay. Lace Sarsfield 2-3 Flamengo

Overall performance of the visiting ufabet team
ECU D1 11/07/21 Barcelona SC 1-1 Club Sport Emelek ECU SC 27/06/21 Barcelona SC(N) 0-1 LDU Quito  ECU SC 23/06/21 Barcelona SC 1-0 9 de Octubre
ECU D1 31/05/21 Universidad Catolica Quito 2-0 Barcelona SC
LIB Cup 27/05/21 Barcelona SC 3-1 Santos
ECU D1 24/05/21 Barcelona SC 4-0 Olmedo
LIB Cup 21/05/ 21 Boca Juniors 0-0 Barcelona SC
ECU D1 17/05/21 9 de Octubre 0-1 Barcelona SC
LIB Cup 12/05/21 The Strongest 2 -0 Barcelona SC
LIB Cup 05/05/21 Barcelona SC 1-0 Boca Juniors

Probability :

Velez Sarsfield’s performance is not normal at all. They are unbeaten 7 times in a row, the offensive line is quite dangerous. The defense is still doing a good job continuously. The Barcelona SC works out of course, nothing at all. ready to drop at any time Especially the defensive line that loses the goal is quite easy. The offensive line has just barely taken. The two teams have never met before. Today played in the nest of Velez Sarsfield against the visiting team. Can’t compare at all The open price rate is given to the locals per 0.5. Continue to press without thinking at all. You will come for sure.

Predicted match result: Velez Sarsfield 2-1
Open rate: Velez Sarsfield v 0.5
Confidence: 7/10