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Match: [ Copa Libertadores ] University VS Palmeiras

Match: [ Copa Libertadores ] University VS Palmeiras

Race time : Wednesday 14 July 2021 05:15

Open rate: 0.5 per Palmeiras
Stadium Estadio San Carlos de Apo eat Dido.

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never met

Overall results of the host
CHI CUP 04/07/21 University Catolica 0-2 Everton de Vina Del Mar
01/07/21 Everton de Vi Na Del Mar 0-0 University Catolica 27/06/21 University Catolica 4-4 Deportes Iquique
23/ 06/21 Deportes Iquique 1-1 Universidad Catolica 06/06/21 Santiago Wanderers 0-1 Universal. Kalika toronto
31/05/21 Universitario Daniel T. Kato Koichi 2-1 Kalika Breton Salt
LIB Cup 27/05/21 Universitario Daniel T. Kato Kalika play a 2-0 ratio. Antigo Na Na Aung San
23/05/21 UNION A. Spano’s 3-2 Universitario Daniel T. Kato Kalika
19/05/21 sinensis on Chanel. Montevideo 1-0 University Catolica 13/05/21 Argentinas Juniors 0-1 University Catolica

Overall results of the visiting team
BRA D1 11/07/21 Palmeiras 3-2 Santos
08/07/21 Palmeiras 2-0 Gremio RS  05/07/21 Sports Club Recife 0-1 Palmeiras
01/07/21 Internacional 1-2 Palmeiras
28/06/21 Palmeiras 3-2 Bahia
24/06/21 Bragantino 3-1 Palmeiras
20/06/21 Palmeiras 2-1 America Mineiro 17/06/21 Juventus 0-3 puts Palmeiras
13/06/21 Palmeiras 1-1 Corinthians
BRA CUP 10/06/21 Palmeiras 0-1 Club de Regatas Brazil

Probability :

Universidat Catolica, the result is absolutely nothing. They had failed to win 4 times in a row, with a lot of defense, 7 goals scored, 5 shots back, their confidence dwindled a lot. won 5 consecutive matches in a row, full of morale Whether it’s offensive or defensive, it can be done perfectly. The two teams have never played against each other, Palmeiras came out to visit, but still quite a lot against the hosts. Not quite comparable The open price rate is given to the visitors to 0.5. Continue to press without thinking too much. definitely come by appointment

Expected match result: Palmyrus 2-1
Open rate : Palmyrus vs 0.5 Confidence: 7/10