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Benitez reveals that Digne is not focused on the team at all

Everton manager Rafael Benitez has revealed that Luca Digne is not focused on the team at all. It is the main reason he remains on the bench. He is likely to be released from the UFABET team too.

Luca Digne is normally a key player at Everton. He has been guaranteed a place in the starting line-up in every game. Despite manager changes almost every season that Rafael Benitez still counts on. Luca Digne has been in the starting XI as usual. Everton’s performance at the start of the season has been outstanding with a steady stream of wins but has since faltered so often that it has now dropped. Into the area at the end of the table

And Rafael Benitez decided to send Ben Godfrey into the field as a starting position at left-back in place of Luca Digne, who began to perform poorly, then Luca Digne Sit as a permanent substitute immediately and with the contract that is about to expire, the news of the transfer began to emerge immediately. Which Everton had no problem to release excess players such as Luca Digne from the team, but I don’t want to let players leave the team without getting anything back because now there are still financial problems.

Plus, the latest game against Brighton also confirms. Luca Digne’s future at Everton has ended after not being offered a chance to start in the latest fixture. Which Rafael Benitez has revealed. That Luca Digne doesn’t have much concentration on the team. So he has to sit on the sidelines as usual. Most recently, it is Newcastle United and Chelsea want Luca Digne to join the team in the January transfer market.