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Why? Some people drink coffee and diarrhea

Many people may have noticed that weight loss products. A laxative for people with constipation It usually comes in the form of instant coffee. Some people say that drinking coffee has to be taken anyway. Just normal coffee No need to add senna herbs or anything. But for some people who drink coffee and have no symptoms whatsoever Why is that?

Why? Some people drink coffee and diarrhea

Dr. Pirat Lokapattana, a medical specialist in internal medicine or Doctor Cat, owner of the UFABET Facebook page Fun knowledge like Dr. Cat, explains that

“Coffee and caffeine stimulate muscarinic receptors. Stimulates intestinal peristalsis In addition, drinking large amounts of water (coffee) (3 or more glasses) causes the stomach to stretch. Stimulates the gastrocolic reflex which leads to complete defecation.”

However, This will happen only when someone who has never had coffee before or once in a while drinks coffee that doesn’t drink coffee regularly. Therefore, anyone who knows that they rarely drink coffee Just don’t drink a lot of coffee. Because in addition to the risk of diarrhea Still may be hit by the effects of caffeine (in some cases), such as palpitations, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, anxiety, headache, or some people may be allergic to caffeine, such as swollen lips or tongue, rash. Facial swelling, suffocation, nausea and vomiting and dizziness as well

So, some tips for people who rarely drink coffee. But I want to drink to relieve sleepiness. Or want to drink to taste should choose to drink coffee in a formula that is not very concentrated May start with coffee, latte, mocha or order the barista to reduce the amount of coffee. And don’t drink more than 1 glass at a time. Throughout the day, do not drink more than 3 glasses (coffee mugs), slowly sip little by little, do not drink all at once. Or you can find food to eat while drinking coffee as well. It will help your body absorb caffeine more slowly.