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Take good care of yourself I don’t drink coffee, it’s not strong. It could be a sign of caffeine addiction.

Coffee, tea, cocoa, soft drinks, the perfect drink for office workers like us. Any day that I don’t drink, I don’t have energy, I feel headache, I can’t concentrate on work. exhaustion, can’t say If you feel this way, it could be a sign of a caffeine addiction.

Take good care of yourself I don't drink coffee, it's not strong. It could be a sign of caffeine addiction.

what is caffeine Why does it make us sleepy?

Caffeine is a substance that can be found in many natural foods such as coffee beans, tea, cola, cocoa.

*Caffeine is quickly absorbed into the body. Caffeine reacts with adenosine lethargy in the body wake up. These processes usually take about 40 minutes after drinking a caffeinated beverage.

Symptoms of caffeine addiction

  • must drink coffee or caffeinated beverages regularly
  • If you don’t drink, you will feel a headache.
  • tired
  • squeamish
  • lack of concentration

The dangers of caffeine overdose

  • heart palpitations
  • stomach ache
  • squeamish
  • cannot sleep
  • sweaty
  • spasm
  • high blood pressure

Want to quit – how to avoid caffeine?

The amount of coffee or caffeinated foods. Do not use raw deductions, drink water, get enough rest, exercise, eat nutritious food UFABET.

Caffeine is effective when consumed in moderation. But if you feel too much or affect yourself gradually Adjust the amount of drinking. If you feel abnormal physically, consult your doctor for further advice.