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Match: [Copa Sudamericana] Independiente vs Bragantino

Match: [Copa Sudamericana] Independiente vs Bragantino

Competition time : Wednesday 14 July 2021 07:30

Open rate: Independiente vs 0.5
Estadio Municipal Rumiñahu.

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never met

Overall performance of the host
ECU D1 11/07/21 Independiente 2-3 Universidad Catolica Quito  ECU SC 20/06/21 Independiente(N ) 3-5 Delfin ECU D1 31/05/21 Club Sport Emelek 0-0 Independiente
LIB Cup 28/05/21 Defenza Justicia 1-1 Inde Payne Estudiantes
23/05/21 open de Estudiantes 3-0 in Guayaquil City
19/05/21 Universitario de Porto Ontario 3 of sonatas. 2 Independiente
16/05/21 Olmedo 1-3 Independiente
12/05/21 Independiente(N) 0-1 P the non-ferrous
09/05/21 at Estudiantes de Payne (N) 3-1 LD Cwiot the
06/05/21 at Estudiantes de Payne (N) 4-0 unit. Versitario de Deportes

Overall results of the visiting team
BRA D1 11/07/21 Atletico Paranaense 2-2 Bragantino 08/07/21 Bragantino 1-1 Cuiaba
05 /07/21 Sao Paulo 1-2 Bragantino 02/07/21 Bragantino 0-0 Sierra 29/06/21 Atletico Guanense 0-1 Bravo to Ottawa
24/06/21 Bravo to Ottawa 3-1 Palmeiras
20/06/21 AFC flamenco Braga 2-3 to Ottawa
bRA D1 17/06/21 Corinthians.
Thiens 1-2 Bragantino BRA D1 14/06/21 Bragantino 2-2 Fluminense
BRA CUP 10/06/21 Bragantino 2-1 Fluminen staggered

Probability :

Independiente The form of play does not work at all. They haven’t won 4 times in a row. The defense is now very bad. 9 goals scored, 6 shots back. Confidence has dwindled a lot. Bragantino’s performance in the latter part may have stumbled. But the overall picture is still the same It’s a tough team to lose. The offensive line and the defensive line play well together. The two teams have never met before. Bragantino came out to play outside the nest. But nothing is inferior to the host at all. The higher the rate, the open price is 0.5, press the second without thinking. The chances of getting out are always very high.

Predicted match result: Bragantino 1-1
Open rating: Independiente vs 0.5
Confidence: 7/10.