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Cat slaves must be careful! “Feline Fungus” Skin Disease From Pets contact to people

Cat slaves who have their own cats and likes to play with cat friends or stray cats You have to be more careful. because if the cat is found to have a fungal disease on the skin Cat slaves like us may get that disease as well. Until causing the need to take care of both the cat and the owner a lot and make girls The most feared is black marks after healing the red rash. That may take a long time to disappear, causing disfigurement and lack of showing beautiful skin. Together for a long time

Cat slaves must be careful! "Feline Fungus" Skin Disease From Pets contact to people

What is cat fungus?

In fact,  there are many types of cat fungi  , but the most common are Microsporum canis , a fungus that causes cat dermatitis. caused by moisture accumulation This makes long-haired cats more vulnerable to mold than short-haired cats. Areas of infected cat skin There will be patches of shedding hair, red, dry skin, and possibly flaky peeling. or scab together If not promptly treated, the owner becomes infected with the fungus from the cat through touching, holding, stroking, hugging, and kissing, it will infect humans with this fungus and cause skin disease in the same way.

besides the cat Other furry pets such as dogs, rabbits, hamsters and other furry pets. It can also infect the skin with fungal infections.

Cat yeast infection risk group

  • small child
  • elderly
  • Those who have weak immune system
  • Owns pets, including cats, cats and other types of furry animals.
  • likes to play with animals and not careful about cleanliness, such as embracing or touching animals and not washing hands,สมัคร ufabet etc.

Symptoms of a person infected with cat fungus

You will find that there are red rashes around the body with flaky patches. May be found as a small red rash or a large one, or it may occur in circles. Many on the arms, legs, face, hands, feet, or any part of the body that comes into contact with the cat. want to scratch all the time If you use your finger to scratch the red rash then proceed to scratch the other parts of the skin may cause that part of the skin Fungal infection until red rashes can increase again Therefore, it may cause an increase in redness. or the red rash can spread more widely

How to treat cat fungus in humans

Normally, the method of treating cat yeast infection in both cats and in humans is similar, that is, applying a fungicide. In the event that there is not much redness. If applied continuously for about 3 weeks, the symptoms will improve by themselves. But if it is found that there are many red rashes all over the body May give fungicide to apply. Along with taking antibiotics, having to apply medication and taking medication continuously for more than 3 weeks as well

In most cases, when the red rash gradually disappears, it will leave black marks for about 2-3 months until these black marks gradually fade away. There is a recurrent fungal rash. Because the patient’s own immunity is not enough Including cleaning And taking care of your own cat to be cured of the fungus together. If the pet cat still has a fungal disease Owners have been in close contact may also become infected again.

However, although there are skin fungicides sold at various pharmacies. But it is advisable to see a doctor for a detailed diagnosis before purchasing the drug yourself. Because we may choose a topical medication that is not suitable for the disease we are having or may cause other side dishes can follow without being careful

Protection from cat fungus

  1. If it is found that the pet has a skin disease There are patches of hair loss. It was found that there was a red rash or red, scaly patches on the pet ginger skin. Should take the pet to see a veterinarian for urgent treatment. And do not get close to pets until the fungus is gone.
  2. After playing, touching or being close to pets, wash your hands or clean the area that touches the pet thoroughly every time. (and should be cleaned immediately do not leave it for a long time)
  3. Always take care of pets. after shower Blow dry your hair every time.
  4. Clean items in the house that pets touch, such as sofas, chairs, tables, pillows, blankets. Furniture that is cloth and duvet may be exposed to the sun to kill mold.
  5. Do not get involved with pets too closely, for example, letting pets lick their faces and lick their mouths. Bringing pets to sleep with in the same bed, etc.
  6. Use shampoo or shower cream that has fungicidal properties for pets.
  7. Take your pet for fungal vaccination.
  8. Pet owners should exercise. eat nutritious food and get enough rest to maintain a healthy body Always have a good immune system So that you won’t be infected easily.
  9. If suspected of fungal infection from pets You should see a doctor and take your pet with you.